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Album Review: Twin Guns 4th Album “Imaginary World.”

by Ashley Andersen
February 3, 2019
Twin Guns - Imaginary World album cover

Artwork by Andrea Sicco

ALBUM REVIEW: The Twin Guns sound is an amalgamation within itself. Twin Guns has an amazing ability to change their sound from song to song by taking inspiration from a vast array of musical styles and genres. These include ’60’s Surf Rock, Punk Rock, Psychobilly, Horror Rock, Early British Invasion, Garage Rock – Noir, and Psychedelic Rock.

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Black Plastic (Cleopatra Records) releases videos for 2 singles “Savage” and “Charcoal”

by rockroll
October 2, 2018

Photo by Matthew Reeves

R-N-R: Black Plastic (Cleopatra Records) releases videos for 2 singles “Savage” and “Charcoal”releases videos for 2 singles “Savage” and “Charcoal”. Congrats! Please introduce yourself and the band a bit. Where are you based? Who is in it?

BP: Black Plastic is myself (Kevin Grady) and producer/musician André Obin. We mostly work on music remotely since I’m in Chicago and André is in Boston. I’m probably better known as the founder of Lemon, a cult magazine with some pretty amazing contributors: David Bowie, Daft Punk, Jeff Koons and Sonic Youth, to name-drop a few. 

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Dmitry Wild’s new project HOLY WOW releases “Dreamland”

by rockroll
August 17, 2018
HOLY-WOW-Dreamland-Dmitry Wild-Jenniffer Claroscura

Roaring drum beats and a slick guitar riff are the perfect combo to introduce Dmitry Wild’s (ex-Wizard Sex) HOLY WOW‘s new single, “Dreamland.” Besides playing guitar and singing, this multi-talented singer/songwriter also produced the track! It’s always good to hear the evolution of a songwriter in his songs, specially in this case (in case you don’t know, Mr. Wild is also a 5 Star Author of  “Why Be Normal?” on Amazon). With a prophetic and deep voice he sings about a distant but yet reachable Dreamland through the eyes of a girl.

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Iggy Pop and Josh Homme (QOTSA) join on a new project.

by rockroll
January 23, 2016

Rock’s prominent figures join together for a project. Iggy Pop, coined as grandfather of Punk, sits in a black suit and and a white open shirt, resembling a lizard who is uncomfortable to be wearing any clothes at all. Josh Homme, (QOTSA) wears a strict black suit with a red handkerchief and red socks. Classic! They announce to the the man on the tele, The Late show with Stephen Colbert they just released a new album together titled “Post Pop Depression” and they are going to be debuting a song Gardenia later on.

First impression of their live performance together. As anything Josh Homme produces it starts off with a super catchy riff, led by a bass guitar and an instrumentation of a full band which compared to Iggy Pop’s usual basic punk set up seemed to have a lot of sound, but when Iggy starts singing it all starts to make sense. That deep voice with a hint of of late David Bowie and Nick Cave it was the voice that David Bowie produced out of Iggy on the Lust for a Life record back in 77′.

The chorus goes:

All I wanna do is tell Gardenia
What to do tonight?

Who is Gardenia is hard to tell but it doesn’t matter, since Josh Homme and Iggy Pop intertwine this word play with music perfectly. Definitely looking forward to the whole album.

Wizard Sex – NYC band releases official music video “Rock – n – Roll is my Business”

by rockroll
July 27, 2015

On the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY at the Gutter, an indie bowling alley, a great wind swept through the club, since Wizard Sex was releasing their first official music video called “Rock and Roll is my Business.” Produced and Edited by their loyal fans and closed friends, Mark Sposato and Courtney Eady. Concept by Dmitry Wild. Filming by Stephen Ortega.

Here is the photo report by Zenon G. Lewycky.






HERE IS THE OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO: “Rock and Roll is my Business”