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Black Plastic (Cleopatra Records) releases videos for 2 singles “Savage” and “Charcoal”

by rockroll
October 2, 2018
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Photo by Matthew Reeves

R-N-R: Black Plastic (Cleopatra Records) releases videos for 2 singles “Savage” and “Charcoal”releases videos for 2 singles “Savage” and “Charcoal”. Congrats! Please introduce yourself and the band a bit. Where are you based? Who is in it?

BP: Black Plastic is myself (Kevin Grady) and producer/musician André Obin. We mostly work on music remotely since I’m in Chicago and André is in Boston. I’m probably better known as the founder of Lemon, a cult magazine with some pretty amazing contributors: David Bowie, Daft Punk, Jeff Koons and Sonic Youth, to name-drop a few. 

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Brian Chase Yeah Yeah Yeahs – The humble scholar behind the drum set.

by rockroll
February 6, 2015
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Rock-n-Roll. Biz:
Brian I know you are very versatile drummer, and in Yeah Yeah Yeahs you have gone from Punk Beats to Electronic Triggers and yet you have a passion for free Jazz. Which style conjured you up first?

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Multifaceted nature of a musician as an artist. Interview with Peter Aaron Chrome Cranks.

by rockroll
November 19, 2014
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Hi Peter, Thanks a lot for doing this interview with We wanted to talk about the multi-faceted nature of musician as an artist, but first let me ask you few questions about your high points with the Chrome Cranks. What was your favorite gig ever with the Chrome Cranks? Any memorable events that will always stay in your memory?

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How to start touring with your band by Reyka from DVH

by rockroll
October 1, 2014
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DeathValleyHigh-band-photo A few words about yourself and your band?

I’m a music fanatic in Death Valley High. I sing, play guitar and synth, and I’m bent on all things laced with a dark side.

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Everything about recording and choosing the right recording studio with Oliver Palomares.

by rockroll
September 30, 2014
4.6 (92%) 5 votes - Oliver Palomares - Recording Engineer A few words about yourself and the studio/s you work at?

I am an Audio Engineer/Mixer since 1996. I work at Excello Recording in Brooklyn NY & Fenix Studio in Staten Island NY, and also I freelance in lots of other studios (studio G, metrosonic, chung king, premiere, etc) around the city.

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