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Bob Dylan receives a Noble Prize for song writing! Genius!

by rockroll
October 14, 2016
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Bob Dylan

People have yet to amaze.

Why should 
song writing not be considered writing, where the intense intertwining of words is just as complex as writing a novel, although in a case of a novel or a book you have at least 5000 of words to create a statement for people to read and to internalize, meanwhile a song at most will be 1 page of written typed up lyrics.

I believe that it’s phenomenal in a way that our generation doesn’t recognize song writing as something worthy of a Nobel Prize.  Whoever says he doesn’t deserve it go write a good song that will be sung by generations, not 1 generation but 3 generations at least.

This award puts song writing in the same echelon as poets and writers. For all those songs Bob Dylan has been crafting for generations to sing along to, shouldn’t such a craft be recognized, and why not with a Big Bang?

The big question is will Bob Dylan be happy? 

I believe he deserves this award more than 75% of awards that are given away to modern music aficionados.

If Bob Dylan will stay true to his character he doesn’t need any awards on his shelf, he knows that he was a channel and therefore one more award will not take away his genius if he decides to walk away from planet earth today and not say another word to the masses.

He has spoken and his genius will live on, but this award will declare to the rest of the poets and writers who chose to deliver their words in the form of music that their art and craft has found one more place of honor.

– Dmitry Wild

Nick Cave & 20000 days on earth

by rockroll
June 19, 2015
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I recently watched a movie by an artist that keeps inspiring me over and over. It seems that since I discovered his music it has done light and dark things to me, but most importantly it elevated my sense of individualism. It made me embrace the energy that he birthed into this world or this energy that was already here since the beginning of time and he made it his mission to explore and make it his own, so that he can unveil it to us, a faithful audience.

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Brian Chase Yeah Yeah Yeahs – The humble scholar behind the drum set.

by rockroll
February 6, 2015
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Rock-n-Roll. Biz:
Brian I know you are very versatile drummer, and in Yeah Yeah Yeahs you have gone from Punk Beats to Electronic Triggers and yet you have a passion for free Jazz. Which style conjured you up first?

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Nick Kent Apathy for the Devil or the Charles Baudelaire of the 70’s

by rockroll
December 4, 2014
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I was going through a box of books and I pulled out one with a name of the author in large black letters: Nick Kent. I looked at the guy on the cover of the book. He was dressed in a black, long, slim coat, with a thin scarf, eyeliner, and a cigarette. He wore a look of tiresome fragility and artistic rebellion. I thought, “Hmmm, he looks like some rock star from the 70’s, a cross between Keith Richards and Alice Cooper, but I am not sure I have heard of him.” His demeanor appealed to me—I had a soft spot for all persons who dressed in black.

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